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Electric Stacker HTB10-HTB20

Rated capacity:1000kg-2000kg

Hyder electric stacker

1) According to the ergonomic design, set accelerator, commutation, horn brake emergency reverse and easy for learning without processing license.
2) The unique vertical drive cell and special stacker's gearbox, which are far away from the dust, long-term moisture erosion good heat dissipation it is conductive to work in long time. The efficient output of AC motor, energy saving is about 30%.
3) Motors and electrical control wiring are easier layout reducing the wire intereference3 abrasion and breaking possibilities.
4) To improve the truck stability: the body width is changed from 650mm to 680mm, the balance wheel tread is changed from 510mm to 580mm, the diametere is changed from 125mm to 150mm, the sense of overturning is reduced when turning.
5) New design of mast strengthens frame's top weld, reduces mast deformation cased by cargo loading at high altitudes or when shaking extends the life of rolling parts.
6) Sensor system initiatively detects the signal when truck is turning and passes information to the controlsystem to enables truck slow down speed automatically and initiatively guarantee the safety of persons and goods.
7) Without frequent adjustment, the damper spring can proactively adjust vertical drive cell according to road conditions, reduce the impact of the driving unit from road, balance drive, balanced wheels driven force, improve the efficiency of running smoothly.
8) Fork legs are welded with the body and the material thickness is up to 50mm to keep body shape permanently.
9) Tandem load wheels
10) Options: EPS
Speicification of HTB Series Electric Stacker
Manufacturer   HYDER Forklift
Model   HTB10 HTB15 HTB20
Power unit   battery battery battery
Operation   walkie/stand-on walkie/stand-on walkie/stand-on
Load capality Q(kg) 1000 1500 2000
Load center C(mm) 500 500 500
Tire type front/rear   polyurethane polyurethane
Tire size front/rear Φ80X70 Φ80X70 Φ80X70
Tire size rear Φ215X75 Φ215X75 Φ215X75
Tire no. front/rear(X=driving) 4 /1X+2 4 /1X+2 4 /1X+2
Mast type   single/duplex single/duplex single/duplex
Lifting height h1(mm) 1600/2500 1600/2500 1600/2500
Free lift height h2(mm) / / /
lowest height h3(mm) 2080/1800 2080/1800 2080/1800
Highest height when lift h4(mm) 2080/3031 2080/3031 2080/3031
Fork min.height h5(mm) 90 90 90
Length pedal unfold/fold l1(mm) 2455/2045 2455/2045 2455/2045
Length to fork face l2(mm) 1305/895 1305/895 1305/895
Wheelbase y(mm) 1427 1427 1427
Width ) 850/1270 850/1270 850/1270
Tread front/rear b3(mm) 490/618 490/618 490/618
Fork size l/e/s(mm) 1150/190/75 1150/190/75 1150/190/75
Fork width(outside) b4(mm) 680 680 680
Aisle width(1000*1200pallet)pedal unfold/fold Ast(mm) 2948/2553 2948/2553 2948/2553
Aisle width(800*1200pallet)pedal unfold/fold Ast(mm) 2920/2525 2920/2525 2920/2525
Turning radius pedal(unfold/fold) Wa(mm) 2120/1725 2120/1725 2120/1725
Travelling speed km/h 4.0/5.8 4.0/5.8 4.0/5.8
Gradeability(S25) % 8/10 8/10 8/10
Driving moter type   AC AC AC
Power unit kw 1.5 1.5 1.5
Lifting motor type   DC DC DC
Lifting motor power(S3 15%) kw 2 2 2
Battery voltage/capacity V/Ah 24/210 24/210 24/210
Battery weight kg 200 200 200
Service weight kg 935 940 960
Full load front/rear kg / / /
No load front/rear kg / / /
Steering type   manual
Paking type   electic magic
Parking operating   handle bar handle bar handle bar
Service parking operationg   electic magic electic magic electic magic


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