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Luxury Type HCQD10-HCQD15

Rated capacity:1000kg-1500kg

Electric Reach Truck

Oil tube inside if the mast with clean wire communications

With battery handle controller can automatically remove out battery box

Integrated structure of drive system andsteering system

Optional of battery changing trollery


The HCQD series Counterbalanced Reach lift truck developed by Ningbo Ruyi, with innovative design and application-oriented functionality, low noise, no pollution and a small turning radius. With its high lifting height and good stability, it is widely used for high-shelves operation in narrow aisle warehouses, supermarkets, etc.
●Truck with small width from 1020-1100mm, turning radius from 1700-1740mm and narrow cabin to ensure trucks can be used in drive- in racks.
●Available in either DC or AC power options.
●For daily maintenance of the battery, you DON'T NEED to hang up the battery box. Simply using a battery handle controller, you can automatically remove and replace the battery box.
●Equipped with two separate floating devices, which enhances stability in terms of structure, reducing weight, and prolonging the working life of the driving wheels.
●Full hydraulic steering system, with integrative design of driving and steering, provides low-effort and flexible power steering.
●Integrated driving and turning systems.
●A fully hydraulic steering system ensures flexible turning, and requires less maintenance.
●Optional high-level video system places a camera in the top skid, allowing the operator enhanced visibility.
●Height selection and height positioning system is a high-level configuration, which with manual and automatic control, for automatic positioning with a keypad, enabling the operator to choose the appropriate lift height (optional).


●AC power system
●Joystick hydraulic controller
●LCD display and camera
●Height selection and height position system
Specification of Luxury Type HCQD Series Reach Forklift
Model   HCQD 10 HCQD 15
Power   electric electric
Operator type   standing standing
Capacity distance Q(kg) 1000 1500
Lift height h3(mm) 3000 5000 6200 3000 5000 6200
Load centre distance c(mm) 500 500
Load distance,centre of driva axie to fork x(mm) 390 390 390 390 390 390
Wheelbase y(mm) 1480 1480 1480 1480 1480 1480
Service weight kg 2200 2600 2700 2400 2800 2900
Axle loading,unladen front/rear kg ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Drive wheel mm φ280x100 φ280x100
Fork wheel mm φ285x80 φ285x80
Wheels,number front,rear(x=driven wheels)   3.2 3.2
Tread,front b10(mm) 740 740
Tread,rear b11(mm) 996 996
Tilt of mast/fork carriage forward/backward αβ(Grad) 2.3(mast) ~ ~ 2.3(mast) ~ ~
Height,mast lowered h1(mm) 2086 2240 2640 2086 2240 2640
Free lift h2(mm) ~ 1700 2100 ~ 1700 2100
Height,mast extended h4(mm) 3800 5800 7000 3800 5800 7000
Height of overhead guard(cabin) h6(mm) 2114 2114
Seat height h7(mm) 920 920
Height of crura h8(mm) 270 270
Overall length l1(mm) 2390 2390
Length(barring fork) l2(mm) 1850 1850
Overall width b1(mm) 1100 1100
Fork dimensions s/e/l(mm) 36/100/1070 40/100/1070
Fork carriage DIN15713,class/rype A,B   A A
Fork-carriage width b3(mm) 928 928
Distance between fork-arms b5(mm) 680 680
Distance between support arms/loading surfaces b4(mm) 800 800
Recah distance l4(mm) 600 600
Ground clearance,laden,below mast m1(mm) 90 90
Ground clearance,centre of wheelbase m2(mm) 80 80
Aisle width for pallets 1000x1200 crossways Ast(mm) 2800 2800
Aisle width for pallets 800x1200 lengthways Ast(mm) 2850 2850
Turning radius Wa(mm) 1740 1740
Travel speed,laden/unladen Km/h 7/7.2 7/7.2
Lift speed,laden/unladen m/s 0.19/0.2 0.19/0.2
Lowering speed,laden/unladen m/s 0.5/0.4 0.5/0.4
Reaching speed,laden/unladen m/s 0.1/0.1 0.1/0.1
Gradeability,laden/unladen % 10,12 10,12
Acceleration time,laden/unladen s 3/4 3/5
Service brake   mechanical mechanical
Battery voltage,nominal capacity K5 V/Ah 48/400 48/400
Battery weight kg 550 550
Battery dimensions l/w/h mm 1092x336x650 1092x336x650
Type of drive control   DC/AC DC/AC
Operating pressure for attchments bar 140 150 150 140 150 150
Sound level at the driver's ear DIN 12053 dB(A) 70 70


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