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Rated capacity:1600kg/1800kg

Hyder Electric forklift truck

Safe & Efficient

On the Lifting System,it adopts the Robust Wide View Mast and Hydraulic System Components which ensure the forklift more powerful and convenient.
On the Controller System, this kind of forklift possesses the most advanced AC Control Technology in the world; it features High Efficiency/ Low Noise/ FreeMaintenance/ High Availability/ Tremendous Regenerative Braking Function and Excellent Ramp Parking Function.

Environmental Protection 

On the Controller System, this kind of forklift possesses the most advanced AC Control Technology in the world; it features High Efficiency/ Low Noise/ Free Maintenance/ High Availability/ Tremendous Regenerative Braking Function and Excellent Ramp Parking Function. 
As it is built with high qualified Motor, big Storage Battery and Combination Instrument, it features Superior Performance/ Easy Operation/ Wide View/ Flexible Steering/ Reliable Braking/ Good Dynamic/ Lower Noise/ Non-pollution/ Beautiful Outline and becomes the best indoor tools of carrying the goods.

Advanced Configuration

On the Steering System, it uses the Load Sensing Hydraulic Power Steering which ensures the forklift much quicker and more flexible.
On the Braking System, the forklift applies the Automatic Power Hydraulic Brake and will be much safer and more reliable.
It is widely used at yards, stations, wharves, warehouses, markets, hotels, textile and food processing factories and other places, especially fit for carrying the goods in narrow and small space as it features small and exquisite outline & short turning radius.
Specification of 3 Wheels Battery Forklift
Features     FE16 FE18
power type   battery battery
Operator type   Driver/seat Driver/seat
rated capacity kg 1600 1800
load center mm 500 500
Front Overhang mm 358 358
wheel base mm 1410 1410
Weight distribution truck weight kg 2300 2385
Full load front/rear kg 3440/360 3820/365
No load front/rear kg 970/1330 995/1390
Tyres,chassis Tyres   Pneumatic Pneumatic
driving wheel size(diameter*width) mm 6.0-9 6.0-9
steering wheel size(diameter*width) mm 15*4.5-8 15*4.5-8
Number front/rear 2/2 2/2
wheel base of Front/rear mm 890/180 890/180
Sizes Tilt range(Mast forward/backward) deg 6/11 6/11
Mast height (fork lowering) mm 2080 2080
free lift mm 120 120
Max. lifting height mm 3000 3000
Overall height fork raised (with backrest) mm 4015 4015
Height to head guard mm 2080 2080
seat to guard height mm 985 985
Overall length mm 3160 3160
Overall Length(without fork) mm 2240 2240
Total width mm 1080 1080
Fork size mm 40(h)*100(w)*920(l) 40(h)*100(w)*920(l)
Fork type A,B   2A 2A
Fork Outer width mm 1000 1000
mast , min ground clearence mm 90 90
at lowest point(body),min ground clearence mm 100 100
Pallet 1200(w)*1000(l),aisle width mm 4265 4265
Pallet width 800(w)*1200(l), aisle width mm 4290 4290
Turning raduis mm 2175 2175
Performance data max.traveling speed(full/no load) km/h 10/12 10/12
max.lifting speed(full/no load) m/s 0.25/0.4 0.25/0.4
max.falling speed(full/no load) m/s 0.45/0.44 0.45/0.44
Maximum drawbar pull(full/no load) N 11000 11000
max gradeability(full/no load) % 10.5/14 10.5/14
Brake Service brake Hydraulic-foot pedal Hydraulic-foot pedal
Parking brake Mechanical lever Mechanical lever
Motor,battery drive motor rated power kw 5.5 5.5
lifitng motor rated power kw 7.5 7.5
battery size mm 1000*377*760 1000*377*760
battery voltage/capacity v/ah 48/300 48/300
battery weight kg 588 588
others drive system   AC motor AC motor
Noise level dB(A) 70 70


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