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How to keep far away from forklift accidents?

A worker stands on several pallets using a fork lift truck when the ladder is overturned When the forklift is loaded, when it is directed to leave, due to the premature steering, the cargo fork does not leave the cargo and the rollover occurs A worker fell from a tray when loading A worker standing on a forklift painting, the driver loosened the brakes and the worker was injured A rollover occurs when the cross freight is heading uphill Stand on the fork as a counterweight, rollover injury A wor...

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Dangerous operation will cause forklift accident possibly

Forklift truck crushed rain Olivier, pipeline will fall command personnel injured Dragging a forklift with a truck leads to a rollover of the forklift It is not a forklift driver handbrake, forklift forks slide forward will die Because of uneven ground, forklift drivers shipped tons of bags in a single fork, rollover killed When the forklift is loading logs, they push down the logs and kill the workers on the train The truck was dragged along with a forklift truck, and when the brakes were stopp...

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Don't let wrong forklift driving habits to harm your health

Slip from the top of the forklift, touch the mast and tilt the lever A worker suddenly stepped down the steps and was pulled over by a plywood backed forklift truck and overturned plywood Novice car accident To go back to the office to answer the phone, not extinguished forklift rollover accident left forklift seat caused by the driver killed...

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Loading or unloading by forklift will bring us so effective delivery

Working with forklift will bring us so much advantage Todays factory, the logistics warehouse and the transportation of goods, or handle goods, and many other places will use forklifts. What exactly is a forklift? Fork truck, as the name suggests, we can learn something from its literal meaning. The forklift is used to a pallet for loading and unloading, stacking handling moving or short distance transportation (note is with a short distance transportation, the speed is very slow because the for...

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Our forklift steering axle with 25mm chickness

What are the requirements for the assembly and adjustment of the forklift truck steering axle? Our forklift steering axle with 25mm chickness and it is stronger than others brand When the forklift steering axle is installed, the parts must be properly connected and fitted. 1)The clearance between the steering knuckle and the knuckle pin shall be no more than 0.1mm. 2) The gap between the steering knuckle and the steering bridge is generally 0.05-0.1mm. If the end clearance is too large, the ad...

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