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China III stage engine maintenance difficult starting case

China III stage engine maintenance difficult starting case Case 1 Fault symptom:Both starter and engine have normal starting speed, but not fire;Or sometimes several long starts can catch fire. Fault cause:Fuel lines have air. Fault character:Mechanical failure Handling method: Fuel line exhaust air Failure analysis:China III vehicles adopt the common rail system, the oil road exhaust air is relatively difficult, often operators feel the air is clean, the actual still is not completely cle...

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How much forklift technical terms you know about?

How much forklift technical terms you know about? Forklift is a kind of industrial moving vehicle. It is a kind of wheeled transportation vehicle for loading and unloading pallets, stacking and short distance transportation. It is widely used in ports, stations, airports and so on. The international organization for Standardization (ISO/TC110) is called industrial vehicles. Often used for storage of large items of transportation, usually using a fuel engine or battery power. The most common perf...

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Reasons for the wear of internal combustion counterbalance forklift truck engine cylinder liner

Reasons for the wear of engine cylinder liner The working environment of cylinder liner is very bad, and there are many reasons for wear. Normal wear and tear is usually allowed due to structural reasons, but improper use and maintenance can cause abrasion wear, abrasion wear and corrosion wear and other abnormal wear. 一 . Wear caused by structural causes 1. The upper part of the cylinder is badly worn by poor lubrication conditions The upper part of the cylinder sleeve is closed to the combus...

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How to maintain the electric forklift?

How to maintain the electric forklift? A fter working for 500 hours, the electric forklift needs to have a regular maintenance. Forklifts efficiency, life and safety all decided by daily maintenance. The quality could be guaranteed and make the electric forklift with more safety and economic performance 1. Obey the stipulations of the safety working: it is allowed to repair the forklift only after Systematic learning 1) Keep clean of the repairing site 2) During repairing, not allowed to bring l...

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Why so many forklift accidents happened?

A worker uses a sling the stumps hanging in a fork, walking in the narrow sidewalk, and trying to turn right into the main street. The forklift truck skidded off the edge of the road when the driver turned right, and the forklift overturned A forklift truck driver attempts to stand on the forklift in the launching, righting the pallet on the pallet, accidentally stepping on the rear handle, tipping the fork of the forklift truck, and clamping the driver between the cargo fork, the mast and the c...

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