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Maintain the forklift radiator in summer

Publisher:hyder Date:2017-08-04

Maintain the forklift radiator in summer

The hot summer is coming, which causes a high temperature to the radiator.

There are many reasons for the high temperature, such as the temperature control switch, the pump, the rusty water pipe or the bad backwater. The temperature is related to that whether the thermostat can work normally, whether the pump can provide enough power and cool down the fan, and whether the heat sink can reach standard. Then how to check the abnormal temperature? I will share some common senses with you as follows.


Check the engine after start: Open the filler cap of the radiator, with peaceful cooling water, it indicates the thermostat is under normal condition, otherwise, it is abnormal, and that is due to that the thermostat is under a shrinking condition with closing main valve when temperature is 70 degrees.; with expanding cylinder, the circulating water in the radiator starts to flow with opening main valve when the temperature is more than 80 degrees; and if there exists flowing water in the inlet pipe of the radiator, with milt temperature, the main valve is not closed well, making the cooling water circulate early.

2.Check the engine after rising temperature

At the beginning of the working engine, the temperature rises fast, and when it is 80 degrees, the thermostat work normally with slow rising temperature. Otherwise, lasting quick rising temperature  will make boiling water flow out when the inner pressure up to a certain degree, which means the main valve open suddenly with barriers. When the temperature is between 70 to 80 degrees, open the radiator’s cap and drain cock, and feel the temperature with your hands, it is normal when you feel hot. If the filler with a low temperature, and there is no water or few water in the radiator, which means the valve can not be opened normally.

3. Pump

Pump is the power of the circulating cooling water in the cooling system. The impeller and belt are two factors to affect the pump. Losing impeller makes the cooling water can not circulate, which is damaged to the pomp. Too big belt brings high temperature, and too small belt will cause damage to pump bearing and engine bearing.

4. Fan

When checking the fan volume, you can put a thin paper in front of the radiator. When the engine starts to work, if the paper was flowed away, it means the volume is enough, and it is different from the fan of cars with front engine and inward suction. You should install the blade correctly, and guarantee to put the shield with safety and validity.

5. Radiator

Due to the low chassis, the radiator is at the end of the forklift, which is easily covered by dust. If the dust not be cleaned timely, it will heavily affect the heat dissipation effect. The hard water are forbidden to be cooling water, which is to avoid scale. Making not enough cooling water.

Therefore, when you use the forklift to work, you should pay attention to some abnormal phenomenon such as high temperature in the radiator, and contact your local dealer timely. Check erroneous ideas at the outset, making your forklift under good condition.