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7 tips for forklift maintenance

Publisher:hyder Date:2017-07-27

7 tips for forklift maintenance

1. How often to maintain your forklift?

It is quite important. Such as hand pallet truck and hand stacker, compared with electric forklift, diesel forklift, dual fuel forklift, reach truck, they do not have so much spare parts. Their maintenance cycle could be shortened properly, which can be maintained once half a year. But electric forklift, diesel forklift, dual fuel forklift, reach truck has lots of spare parts, with regulated operation, it is necessary to maintain once per 3 months. Regular maintenance is the strong guarantee for improving safety and efficiency.

2. Who should maintain the your forklift?

It is vital to find a experienced facilitator who can do the job during the whole process to maintain your forklift, making your forklift more stable. He can not give up because of during mid-term or other reasons. It is a terrible situation. So it is necessary to find an experienced and stable facilitator who can provide you with a suitable plan, solve your small problems and absolute solution for regular problems carefully. So it is important to find a long-term facilitator.

3. Making maintenance plan

Your facilitator should make an all-round and reasonable maintenance plan, such as how often to check your forklifts, test lists for program debugging and so on, which was a reference for forklift maintenance. The facilitator should offer test lists to us, so that we can well know our forklift working condition.

4. Cleaning you forklift

During your preventive maintenance plan, do not forget to clean your forklift. There are many reasons for forklift fault. But debris, rag or dust can also cause small problems if not been cleaned. So it is an necessary process for your maintenance plan, which plays a vital role actually.

5. Fuel, water and electricity of forklift

In order to prevent your forklift in a terrible working situation and severely damaged, lubricating oil and hydraulic oil should be checked regularly. Add oil timely. You should notice battery water capacity which should be added timely.

6. Reserving wearing parts

Care about reserving wearing parts, for some of them, such as oil seal, should be properly reserved. Under emergent circumstances, you can replace wearing parts on your own if you can judge correctly.

7. Maintenance cost

The facilitator should charge you reasonably for a perfect preventive maintenance plan. You can choose the one with high cost performance, which can efficiently reduce your using cost.