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Forklift History

Publisher:hyder Date:2017-08-02

The story of the first forklift in the world

In China, forklift industry after decades of development, has made great progress, more and more enterprises to participate in the production, sales, service, forklift product quality is getting better and better, more and more wide range of product coverage, the personnel engaged in forklift industry is more and more. But, if I venture to ask you a question: since all of us are engaged in the forklift industry, you know the world's first forklift from which company, in which year invented it? I think there are a lot of people do not answer them, even if they can answer them, it is wrong to less, but in our forklift industry, generally there is a lot of people think is correct, is wrong, that is the world's first forklift is invented by American CLARK company in 1917.So, what is the truth of the matter? What is the correct answer? First of all, let's take a look at what the Clark family members say

Clark Jniuia says: CLARK company in 1917 the production of Clark Tructractor, in many cases to be treated as a forklift, this is actually a misnomer, because this is a product of Tructractor neither fork, also cannot ascend, so Tructractor can only be regarded as an industrial vehicle, certainly can not be called a forklift. CLARK company has a product, Truclift, in 1920 (actually 1922) development and production, also could be called a forklift, because this product is a can improve the loading platform, and did not install fork. The first real forklift made by CLARK company was launched in 1928, Tructier.

This product is above photo shows the forklift industry insiders generally think is the world's first forklift Tructractor, which is a product of the CLARK equipment company in Michigan development and production of buchanan. Strictly speaking, the Tructractor is the world's first diesel powered industrial vehicle. Tructractor was originally equipped with flat or cargo containers, loading and unloading by human, one is used to start CLARK between all departments in the factory material transportation, and later because the visit to the factory CLARK customer utility to the one handling vehicle is very interested, also ordered, to CLARK factory mass production started in 1918, the production of Tructractor. 8, 1919 the production of 75 units. 

This product is a CLARK company in 1922 developed Truclift, which is the first equipped with internal combustion engine platform lifting cars in the world, and Truclift is the world's first use of hydraulic instead of mechanical gear and linkage device to enhance internal combustion load lifting car. Beginning in 1922, Tructractors and Truclifts, CLARK's two products, were manufactured by CLARK at a new plant in Battle Creek, Michigan, us.


In 1923, CLARK company development and production of the Duat tractor, in 1924, CLARK company based on Duat tractor, the installation of a door frame and a lifting chain device can lift 1000 pounds of goods, from now on, the world's first diesel powered forklift, so very occasionally accidentally born from then on, changed the way of handling of goods.

In 1928, CLARK Truclift company based on old products, development and production of the Tructier Tructier, this product is the first use of hydraulic device in the world, rather than by the mechanical chain device to enhance internal combustion power forklift loading, lifting the weight of the goods can be greatly improved. 

In 1938, CLARK company developed a small tonnage forklift. -Carloader is the world's first modern prototype, which is a product of many body length less than before the product appearance, internal structure, reasonable and compact structure, simple operation mode, since this product batch production in the market demand, the popularity of a time by many other manufacturers to imitate the production of forklift. Carloader this product is so popular that it didn't stop production until 1964. 

So far, CLARK forklift began to enter a new stage, to become the world's early material handling equipment industry leader, especially during World War II, material handling equipment used by allied, Clark products accounted for 90% of all allied Military airports all adopt Clark forklift and tractor, without exception, that in the end of the war after a long period of time, Clark is synonymous with forklift. In 1943, Clark was awarded an outstanding Medal of contribution from the United States military.           However, we can see that since 1938, and now almost 80 years have passed, the counterbalanced forklift. What almost no big change, both the appearance, structure, working principle, operation mode, or 80 years ago, is the case, Chinese and foreign manufacturers are similar, the reason where? Worth pondering.