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Lithium has come! The exploration of new energy forklift

Publisher:hyder Date:2017-07-28

Lithium has come! The exploration of new energy forklift



The driving force of forklift: strong force, continuous and steady state. At present, it is common for internal combustion forklift, electric forklift, manual forklift, among which the fuel supply of internal combustion forklift truck is divided into gasoline, diesel and liquid gas. Electric forklifts mostly use lead-acid batteries and are free of maintenance lead-acid batteries.
With the development of new energy technology and the development trend of low-carbon economy, the exploration of new energy of forklift truck has been launched worldwide.
The new energy test should start with the forklift of industrial vehicles:

1.    The job status is stable, the working strength of forklift truck, the operating environment, the working space is relatively fixed, which is conducive to the test and application of new energy.

2.    To facilitate the addition of new energy. Hydrogen energy requires hydrogenation stations, batteries need to be charged, and the use of forklifts can avoid the limitations of the car industry's range.

3.    The use of forklift can be used to start commercial operation from the forklift truck, and then move forward in the area of commercial vehicles that are more difficult to manage when the technology is mature

4.    The promotion of new energy forklift is for enterprises, so it is easier to control from the policy subsidies.

The development of new energy technologies has several major paths:

1)   Quick charging battery and charger

The problem of rising temperature in the rapid charging of traditional lead-acid batteries has been plagued by fast charging, At present, the advanced American posicharge company's fast charging machine can effectively solve the heat dissipation problem in fast charge. Its rapid recharging machines are widely used to charge forklift trucks at American airports and in Nissan and ford's manufacturing plants, In 2015, I had an exchange with Posicharge senior vice President, who are currently trying to make a similar car refueling. To reduce the fuel tank for refueling gun, Expand the battery's plate spacing and reduce the total volume, increase the charging speed to realize the fast charge and increase the battery use time. In domestic including Yufan, Hefei Dongyao, Guangzhou Resonant Technology, the company is upgrading the original charging technology, hoping to get a share in the lithium electricity industry.

2)   Hydrogen energy
     Hydrogen is one of the new energy sources in the United States and Europe. Canada company Barllard, and American company Plug Power, a subsidiary of Nuvera Fuel Cell, a subsidiary of the Heist Yale forklift group, are currently the dominant driver of hydrogen energy batteries in the global forklift. China's first hydrogen fuel cell forklift truck was developed in 2007 by Shanghai Shenli technology co., a joint venture with a hydrogen energy technology company in the United States. I was also involved in some of the tests.2016 years, and I in Nanjing high-speed, plug-in Power of the company's international business with the United States President talked for two hours, now in the United States and Europe using plug-in Power, hydrogen energy has more than 20000 vehicles, forklift and in early 2017, amazon injection plug-in Power company, will greatly promote the development of hydrogen energy cells.

3)   Lithium battery (triples/lithium iron phosphate

The use of lithium-ion batteries in forklifts and industrial vehicles has long since begun, Research and development of the European Delong rechargeable battery for lithium batteries, During a dinner party in 2012, the founder of the European company had talked to me: Delong has spent hundreds of millions of euros on lithium battery BMS and the conversion of lithium-ion batteries to forklift technology in Europe. In Europe, there are roughly 3-4 mainstream lithium-ion technology companies that offer technical services for companies such as the eternal force, Still and Linde.

Lithium's core technologies are in the United States, Japan, Canada and South Korea. The manufacturing power of lithium batteries is in China. The Chinese lithium battery applied to the forklift was in 2012, ATL new energy (now CATL ningde) is the latest in a long line of companies. At the time, ATL was planning to dabble in lithium batteries for industrial and forklift trucks. I participated in the whole process of lithium battery forklift. After nearly a year of testing and testing, a large number of experimental data have been obtained. However, because the link between BMS and forklift was not well solved, the overshoot and overshoot finally caused the lithium cell monomer to be seriously damaged, and the final test was suspended.

In 2013-2014, the global lithium battery company, Taiwan Guangbao group, conducted a year-long lithium ion application in the mainland for forklift testing and application. Coincidentally, I was also a participant. Guangbao enter the area of the forklift truck, which is based on the Linde forklift truck in the Netherlands, where a part of the forklift truck is purchased for 20 pairs of photovoltaic cells on the leased forklift truck. So the group decided to test the lithium battery on the forklift, gaining experience with the lithium-ion batteries of electric cars and electric cruise liners. This test has achieved certain results. In 2014, the technology of lithium applied in forklift was recognized by experts and approved by experts from the expert committee of the China association of industrial vehicles. At that time to Hangzhou Kaster Kong green plant with 15 set of lithium battery to obtain good results, in June 2017 the 15 set of lithium batteries work well, work 20 hours a day, nearly two and a half years of continuous employment.

The biggest contribution to the use of lithium-ion batteries in forklift is from byd co.,Byd's lithium electric forklift has reached 10,000 steps in 2016. In 2017, it plans to sell 6,000 to 8,000 vehicles, a result that has accelerated the process of lithium electricity in industrial vehicles such as forklift.

The current capacity of lithium is fluctuating in the car industry, There is a side effect of non-commercial factors such as subsidies, So the market for lithium in the car industry has gone up and down. Many lithium battery manufacturers have no time to focus on industrial vehicles such as forklift, Some of the entrepreneurs in the lithium battery business see it, So domestic starting in 2016 appeared signs of lithium battery to the forklift in areas such as infiltration, can now include Liaoning thick, Hefei zero lithium electricity, Shandong Shengyang lithium electricity, Suzhou recruiting Li-ion battery, and lithium batteries are involved in lithium electric forklift.

4)    Hybrid battery  
Hybrid forklifts are used in Toyota and Nissan in Japan, as well as in the forklift trucks of Europe's Linde. The company is building a government-supported hydrogen gas station in Europe, including Benz BMW, A hydrogenation station across Europe is being built. And the forklift hydrogenation hybrid forklift is also used commercially in forklift trucks.

5.   Battery remote monitoring system  

In order to make up for the shortage of traditional lead-acid battery, the pressure,high temperature and so on seriously affect the normal life of the battery. The battery management system detects water level, temperature, voltage and so on. In particular, the recent intelligent repair charging machine of Shanghai Yufan charger has greatly extended the life of lead-acid battery.

As a liberal arts student, although she was lucky enough to participate in most of the tests, the understanding of lithium and new energy technologies was relatively shallow, However, it puts forward some Suggestions on the application of new energy in industrial vehicles such as forklift.

1.   The transformation of new energy into the forklift will be a process of acceleration. There was an article in the last few days that said that lead-acid batteries would not be replaced for at least 20 to 30 years. But I think the forklift will be much shorter. We can see that the power tools are all about lithium batteries.

2.   Lithium is a transitional product or the ultimate product, weather hydrogen is the future? This is what the industry has been talking about, It's hard to say. But the lithium-ion batteries are used in forklifts to solve the problem of not adding water, using health, using long life, and short charging time for lead-acid batteries.

3.   Lithium and new energy forklift trucks are easier to promote in forklift and AGV forklift. It is recommended that the lithium battery sales promotion area target this targeted development product.

4.   Lithium electricity and new energy battery used in forklift truck is a kind of trend, is the trend of the most promising industry, so this needs the whole forklift manufacturing enterprises, sales enterprises, the leasing company, maintenance enterprise, the spare parts facility enterprise common concern.

5.  The manufacturer of lithium battery and forklift truck should cooperate with each other and communicate with each other to make a reasonable match between the two. In particular, the connection between BMS and forklift, the docking of communication protocols and the response of protection measures will affect the effectiveness.

6.  The design of the application scenario of lithium electric forklift is a key link in the lithium electric promotion, and the thought of the traditional lead-acid battery should be jumped out, and the best application scenario will be matched from the perspective of lithium electricity.

7.   Any emerging product will have more or less problems that need to be overcome by the entire industry. New energy equipment and associated products of enterprises are in the same boat, consistency and stability of the product safety and quality is the first priority, any link error, can hurt you. Therefore, to this new thing, we need to be cooperative and open to all.